Ignite your creativity: A workshop

Artists get stuck all the time. This workshop offers ways to expand your practice so that in those moments where the ideas just don’t know how to manifest, you will know how to move the work forward. By using physical training, partner work, and devising techniques, this workshop will allow its participants to:

  • Explore ways to strengthen a working ensemble
  • Discover how play can inform how you analyze and interpret text based work
  • Form a personal practice that will serve as an ignition to creativity

Each workshop will highlight an artist’s work. Be that a writer, painter, musician, etc.

April 7, 2018 2-6 pm
Cost: Variable. Minimum Suggested Donation $20
Instructor: Ashley James

To register, email:

About the Instructor:  Ashley James is a director and creator, primarily for the stage. She relocated to Atlanta after a two year apprenticeship with Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, Massachusetts. Her time was in part supported by the 2015 Princess Grace Theatre Honorarium Award to continue her work as an emerging director. It was at Double Edge that Ashley developed her love for ensemble based devised work, training with companies like The Hinterlands of Detriot, Mondo Bizarro of New Orleans, and The Charlestown Working Theatre of Boston. Since arriving to Atlanta in late 2016, Ashley has worked with Alliance Theatre, 7Stages, and various companies in the area and continues to immerse herself in all of the art and culture the city has to offer. She has directed workshops that focus on new work, ensemble building, and devising techniques. She is a graduate of The Florida State University with a Bachelor’s of Art in Theatre.