Voice and Body

“I have been crucially helped by voice teachers.”
-Sir Ian McKellen

“A vocal and physical acting technique class can be a game changer for you. Acting for the camera is deceptive.  Many actors don’t realize the vocal and physical demands of the craft of acting.” – Susan G. Reid

Spotlight: Voice and Body

Ignite your voice and body with this fun and rigorous four-week course. Whether experienced or new to Suzuki training and Fitzmaurice Voicework®, participants will build mental discipline and physical versatility, unleashing a voice that is connected, powerful and authentic.
Mondays 11-2 pm (November 19 – December 10)
Wednesdays 7-10 pm (November 21 – December 12)
Cost: $99
25% off for Meisner Intensive students
E-mail Frances Mulinix at contact@vibrancecentre.com to register

Alexander Technique

Actors are trained to respond truthfully in moments of imaginary circumstances. Yet inevitably actors will experience moments of tension, rigidity and stress that interfere with their ability to respond in a believable way. 

In this 4-week series, actors will learn to develop their kinesthetic awareness, discover unconscious habits of physical misuse, and foster better alignment and breathing. A few skills you will leave class with:

  • Improved self-awareness
  • Tools to reduce stress + anxiety
  • Ability to stay present, connected + grounded
  • Increased confidence + ease

The Alexander Technique is a mind/body method that teaches actors how to release unnecessary stress and tension in themselves, thereby allowing for the availability of their most natural and authentic responses in performances and in daily living. Through group work, observations, explorations and self-work you will become more familiar with your body, breath, and voice so that you can better adapt and embody your characters’ unique expressions. 

Begins: October 24 – November 14
Four weeks – Wednesdays 7-10 pm
Cost: $150
Instructors: Morgan Rydson 
To express interest in the class, please email Morgan at morgan@atcenterstudio.com.


This class is an advanced class for actors of all mediums who have received prior Viewpoints training. In addition to continuing to pursue mastery in applying the 9 Viewpoints, we will focus on using the Viewpoints to achieve intentions/ objectives, affect our fellow ensemble members through movement, and analyze characters. In level 3, we will add a writing exercise, analyze clips that show how Viewpoints are used effectively in film, TV, and commercial, and will explore additional theatrical techniques like Commedia Dell’arte to create characters with a strong physical life. Students will learn to apply the physical and vocal Viewpoints to short monologues, poems, and imagery. Actors will use their bodies to tell the story, build strong characters, and create relationship.

Note: Prior Viewpoints experience/ training is required to take this class.

Begins: January 7, 2019
Six weeks– Mondays 7-10 pm
Cost: $175
Instructor: Eliana Marianes 
To register for the class, please email Eliana at emarianes2@gmail.com.

YOGA FOR ACTORS (And Anyone Else)

Geared towards actors, but open to anyone, Kimberly will lead you through a rejuvenating morning yoga practice with an emphasis on getting centered, focused and present for the day’s work in class, auditions and bookings. 

Ongoing. Tuesday/Thursday Mornings 9:15- 10:30. 

$5 Suggested minimum donation/Pay what you can.  Cash preferred – pay Kimberly directly.  Bring your own mat.  This class is open for all levels.

Kimberly received her certification after completing the 200 hour teacher training program at The Peachtree Yoga Center where she studied various forms of yoga with an emphasis on Vinyasa style. During her time at Peachtree Yoga, in addition to Asana practice, she studied Pranayama, meditation and elements of yoga philosophy which are incorporated into the class.

Interested in attending? Contact Kimberly at earthyyogawithkim@gmail.com


Coming Soon…


There is a reason voice and body work is a part of world renowned acting programs at schools like the UK’s Royal Academy, NYC’s Julliard, L.A.’s  Playhouse West, Adler Academy and Strasberg Institute:

Training of the voice and body is essential in shaping a dynamic, vulnerable and working actor. 

Actors need a voice and body that is emotionally connected as the entire body is the instrument of expression for the actor.

The Actors Voice and Body class will:

-Further improve your access to a wider range of emotional truth.
-Help you speak for a full day on set without losing your voice.
-Improve your confidence and presence.
-Increase your vocal and physical freedom to play a wider range of roles.
-Train the quality, clarity, power, and expressiveness of your voice.

The class encompasses a range of dynamic and practical skills for voice and physical training such as Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Linklater Voice Training, Laban, The Viewpoints, Suzuki Method, Butoh, and more and is the ONLY one of its kind available to Atlanta actors.

Seven weeks
(No class the week of Halloween)



Cost: $250
($200  if you are currently enrolled in the Meisner Intensive.)
To enroll: email Frances directly at contact@vibrancecentre.com

Instructor: Frances Mulinix holds an Associate Performer Diploma (ATCL) with Trinity College, London, UK, and is a certified Speech Arts Teacher with Royal Conservatory of Music. She is a member of the Voice and Speech Trainer’s Association (VASTA).  On the physical training side she completed a rigorous internship with one of Australia’s top physical theatre companies – Zen Zen Zo and holds a BFA in Theatre Performance from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, with a focus on directing, and physical theatre.