The Buzz

“When I started taking Rob’s class, I thought I would go there just to work out and brush up because I was already a solid actor with a solid technique. But I got so much more. Now I have range. I have access to pretty much a full spectrum of human emotion which Rob has helped me hone and harness. I leave myself alone. I work moment to moment. And the greatest surprise of all: I now have that confidence and fearlessness that comes with studying the Meisner technique.”
– Kelly Schumann
Superstore (recurring), The Soul Man, Outsourced (NBC), Hot In Cleveland (TVLand), Somewhere Slow (Feature)

“The Meisner Technique is quite a journey that enriches those who dare to stick with it; however, learning it from Rob significantly heightens the experience. He encourages you to make self-discoveries and challenges you to face difficulties head-on. After taking all 4 sessions, I’ve learned that only the strong survive… both in art of acting as well as in life.”

– Jennifer Sears
Greenleaf (series regular)Daytime Divas, Love Is, Saints and Sinners, SCEL Lottery, Madea’s Family Reunion, Showtime’s All-Star Comedy Jam


“Since I started Rob Mello’s Meisner Intensive, I have been challenged nearly every class: by the other students, by Rob, by myself, by the exercises. Those challenges have led to growth, painful, challenging, exciting growth in my acting and my life. For the dedicated actorthat truly wants to grow, Rob Mello’s Meisner Intensive is essential.”

-Randy Havens
Stranger Things, Living The Dream, Halt and Catch Fire, Logan Lucky


“Rob Mello is a wonderful director and coach. He gives insightful, rich feedback and direction without making me feel as if I have done it “wrong” at first. He is constantly curious and passionate and I always feel inspired rather than diminished after working with him.”

– Irene White
Superstore (recurring), Speechless (recurring), The Middle, Modern Family, Will & Grace, Gilmore Girls,Green Hornet, Carpoolers, Friends, Man Stroke Woman (Pilot – FX)



“He’s the real deal! Terrific teacher, huge heart!”

– Lauri Johnson
Mom (recurring), The Middle, Mike and Molly, Mad Men, Nip/Tuck, Will & Grace, Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy





“This class has been an unforgettable experience that has completely changed the way I work. It has been a wonderful and challenging journey of discovery that has transformed the craft of acting into a process that allows me to make choices and discoveries, and to understand the true nature of preparation and its role in creating a very human character. Rob is a marvelous coach and director, who understands how to challenge and motivate at the same time.”

– Norma L. Alvarez
Stargirl, Bad Boys for Life, Satisfaction, Ant Man, Miracles From Heaven, The Watch, Trouble with the Curve




“You know you have a good teacher when you leave class covered in acting grime.”

– Dana Sorman
Harry’s Law (Recurring), Flash Forward, Lost, Lie To Me, Samantha Who, The Week Reduced—TBS Pilot







Jennifer Burton“Rob Mello is a caring, intelligent, witty director and teacher who has guided me time and again through the pitfalls of creating a successful performance. He’s improved my acting and writing and continues to be a driving force in my career. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to work with him for the rest of my life. He would be my guru, if I believed in that sort of thing. Plus he’s funny. Really, really funny. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with him.”

– Jennifer Burton
Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack, Joey, The Office, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

Koko Chalfant ” Acting is doing and Rob Mello knows what he is doing. If you want to learn how to give a truthful emotionally full performance everytime take classes here “

– Koko Chalfant


Anne Ford Galiana“It’s rare to meet a teacher and director like Rob. His insights into finding the truth in each actor to then form a truly evolved, emotionally rich character are incredibly accurate and exceedingly valuable. He helps you to dig deep, to stay honest and be true to yourself. To know we all have something (ourselves) that no one else has and then to be able to actually apply it with integrity is a skill every actor should have. While working with Rob in his improv show, The Bed and then while studying with him, I booked a feature, two short films and a co-starring role in the new web series, “Ben and Burman.” Thanks, Rob! “

– Anne Ford Galiana
Space Hospital (Series Regular),ESPN2 (co-host), Reflections of Evil ( with Tony Curtis and George Hamilton), various commercials.

Monica Payne“Rob is a passionate, skillful instructor and I trust him completely. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to help students understand the practical application of the Meisner technique. He actively pushes his students to understand how they can use this work where it counts – in the real world!”

– Monica Payne
Steppenwolf: Uncle Vanya, The Weir, No Place Like Home. Meisner Instructor, The School at Steppenwolf.

Justin O'Connor“I have studied with Mr. Mello for the better part of a decade and I continue to learn something new every time I walk in the door.”

– Justin O’Connor
National Spots for ATT, Dunkin’ Donuts, ESPN


Leah Kaplan“Rob’s ability to pinpoint the truth at any given moment, both of what’s going on inside the actor and between the two actors on stage, is remarkable. His profound understanding of Meisner informs not only the content but the method of his teaching – he knows not only what needs to be said but the way in which you as an actor will be most receptive in that specific moment. He teaches Meisner with the perfect blend of clarity, philosophy, practicality, and above all else, humor. I mean, he’s hilarious. I plan to study with him for a long time to come. He has not only affected me positively as an actor, but as a human being as well.”

– Leah Kaplan

“I worked with Rob this year on a sketch comedy pilot for Fox (or Fremantle) and he contributed to every step of the process – punching up the script, offering excellent casting notes, working with the director on interpretation and helping make final editing choices. And he added a calm presence to the creative team – it’s a rare occurrence in our business to have a creative team that works so well together!”

– John Moffit
Veteran television producer and director