How to Rent Studio Space at the Robert Mello Studio

Thank you for your interest in renting space at the Robert Mello Studio. Please read all the information below before submitting a rental inquiry.

Rental Spaces

We have three Studio rooms available for rent. Studios 1 and 3 are classroom spaces, and Studio 2 is a small blackbox theater. For classes or workshops, Studios 1 and 3 are available to rent when there are no Studio classes scheduled in those spaces. For performances, Studio 2 is available to rent when there are no RMS productions or other rentals scheduled.

Please note: We have a robust schedule of classes and workshops in rotation at the Robert Mello Studio, and RMS teachers and guest instructors receive first priority when it comes to scheduling. It is very rare that we will be able to rent out an entirely empty building, and sometimes there is sound bleed between the studio rooms.

Renting Studio 1

Studio 1 is our smallest classroom space (it can accommodate roughly 20 students comfortably, 15 in the case of a table read). It is also our storage space for the Robert Mello Studio, so the room contains items such as spare chairs, taping equipment, etc. This studio is a great option for smaller workshops or classes that don’t require a great deal of movement on the part of the participants.

Renting Studio 3

Studio 3 is our larger classroom (it can accommodate up to 30 students comfortably). It also contains a limited theatrical lighting system (there is an extra charge to use the lights) and some basic sets/ props (if you wish to use these items, they must be negotiated separately). Studio 3 is a good choice for classes or workshops that require participants to move, perform scenes, or break out into small groups.

Renting Studio 2, Otherwise known as The Blackbox at 4048

Studio 2 is our blackbox theater performance space, known as The Blackbox at the 4048. It can seat approximately 40 people comfortably, and comes with a light/sound system that can be run from a booth in the seating bank. The rental fee for Studio 2 typically includes use of Studio 1 as a dressing room unless otherwise specified. Renters must provide their own lighting and/or sound technicians, and all changes to the existing lighting plot/ sound system must be negotiated in advance with an RMS technician.


All rentals require a security deposit. This will be held in trust and returned at the end of the rental assuming there are no damages to the premises.

There can be discounts for non-profit organizations, theater companies, students/ staff of RMS, and/ or charity events at the sole discretion of RMS Staff. If your group fits one of these descriptions, feel free to inquire about a discounted fee.

Studio 1 can be rented for $35/hour. This fee does not include the use of the taping or playback system.

Studio 2 can be rented for $200/ night plus a rental coordinator fee of $50. This fee does not include a lighting or sound technician, but does typically include use of Studio 1 as a dressing room unless otherwise specified.

Studio 3 can be rented for $50/hour. This fee does not include use of theatrical lighting or the existing sets/props in the room.

How to inquire

Send an email inquiry to Please state the following information in your email:

  1. The name of your organization (please let us know if you’re inquiring for a non-profit organization, theater company, charity event, or if you’re a student/ staff member of RMS)
  2. The dates and times you would like, and any backup dates if you have them
  3. Which Studio (1, 2, or 3) you are interested in renting
  4. The purpose of your rental (a show, a class, a workshop, auditions, etc.)

Please do not send rental inquiries to any other email addresses for the studio, as this can slow our response time. Additionally, please know that due to large volume of programming offered by the Robert Mello Studio, we may not be able to accommodate last minute rental requests.

Feel free to inquire at the email address above if you have any questions not answered by this web page.