The Black Box

The  Blackbox Theater is a space housed within the Robert Mello Studio. While some productions are affiliated with the Robert Mello Studio, The Black Box is also available for rentals by organizations not affiliated with the studio.

Some productions are affiliated with the Robert Mello Studio and will be advertised as affiliate productions, such as the Off the Page Series of staged readings, or the RMS Lab productions, which give students, instructors, and studio staff a chance to work together and produce a play.

This page is so you can find out when shows are going up at the Black Box, who is producing them, and where you can find tickets. Please address any ticketing inquiries to the person specifically listed with the production, as some productions are not affiliated with the Robert Mello Studio.

Up next in the Black Box:

Chrismahanukwanzifestivus Cabaret

It’s that time again, y’all.

Eliana and Jayson are planning another “holiday themed” cabaret at the studio on Monday Dec 17th. Part of the funds we raise from selling tickets will fund a trip to NYC for Eliana to train with Anne Bogart herself of the SITI company! Yay!

Ride your sleigh, spin your dreidel, decorate your Festivus bush and light your Kujichagulia, baby!

This is a night for fun, community and fun. We will gather in a relaxed casual cafe style set up and you can watch your fellow RMS-ers perform for friends, fellow students and teachers and whoever else shows up.

$10 for entry and BYOB and food to enjoy and share. After the show is over well hang out and talk and jam.

If you want to submit an act for consideration or if you have other questions about the event, get in touch with Eliana at

Purchase tickets HERE!