Improv For Actors


More and more, actors are asked to improvise in auditions and on shoot days. Actors need to add improvisation to their acting arsenal.

In this class – especially designed for actors – you will learn to trust your instincts from script analysis to the rehearsal process, and throughout your performance. You’ll continue  to practice always staying in the moment and allowing yourself to just be. It’s also the most fun you’ll ever have in an acting class! You will leave the class with the skills to:

  • Make simple, direct, and clear choices
  • Deliver more confident auditions
  • Stay present, open, and in-the-moment. Create and maintain an instant connection with your scene partner

FREE sample class, Tuesday, October 23, 7-10PM. 

Start date: October 30
Six weeks– Tuesdays, 7-10pm. 
Cost: $225
Instructor: Ian Covell
To register for the class or to RSVP for the sample class, email: