Tim Phillips

Tim Phillips Drop In Audition Classes

MAY 25 & 30



INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $50, Cash at the door only.

No pre-registration needed. Bring 2-3 page sides and a highlighted copy for the reader. You are encouraged to stay for the entire session to learn from others, but can leave for auditions/shoots.

Prior Tim Phillips’ students only.

“There is much to learn from Tim Phillips.”
-Oscar Winner Robert Duvall

“Tim helped take me to the next level by teaching me how to imbue my work with a much higher level of truth and specificity. He is a very perceptive and gifted teacher.”
-April Billingsly
Resurrection (Recurring), The Walking Dead (Recurring), Vampire Diaries, Satisfaction, Drop Dead Diva

“Tim has taken my auditions to a whole new level. Since I’ve been working with him, I have booked over 90% of the things I’ve read on. He has led me to more interesting and specific choices- which I know has separated me from everyone else being seen. The guy is great!”  
-Bruce Nozick

“Tim Phillips’ style of teaching fosters great respect for the work and for each other.”
-Wendy Malick
SAG, GOLDEN GLOBE, EMMY nominated actress

“Tim has developed an approach that helps you build confidence on a solid understanding of the materials: Asking yourself the right questions, identifying key moments in the piece and setting your own objectives for what you want to do in the audition. What I gained in working with Tim has continued to benefit me in auditions.”
-John Doman,

Tim PhillipsJustin Timberlake is among Tim’s list of actors he has coached.  He ignited the careers of Emmy Winner Richard Schiff, Emmy & Golden Globe Nominee Wendy Malick, Nancy Travis, Roma Maffia, and thousands of other actors who are Series Regulars, Recurring and Top of Show Guest Star actors on television and in feature films today.
Are you ready to take your on-camera work to the next level? First learn how to quickly and efficiently break down scripts and glean all the information you need after just one read. Then get coached by Tim on how to work on camera in a way that is powerful, fun and full of ease. Discover how to transform your on-camera auditions in a way that will get you called back by casting directors again and again.

Coming in August– Ongoing classes with tim phillips at the Robert Mello Studio

Check back for more details soon…