Michael Kostroff Is Back!

We are happy to have working actor and acing coach Michael Kostroff return to the Robert Mello Studio, this time with three workshops to fine tune your skills and get you working. Read more and see which workshop is right for you!

Audition Psych 101

Busy working TV and stage actor Michael Kostroff de-terrorizes the audition process — from preparation to callback — in a unique four-hour interactive lecture that uses common sense, blunt reality, humor, and a pro-actor sensibility to help actors conquer the mental gremlins that get in the way. In the decade since its inception, thousands of performers all over the country have attended Audition Psych 101, describing it as mind-blowing, practical, inspiring, eye-opening, laugh-inducing, and career-changing.

Friday, February 9
7-11 pm
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Master The Five and Under Audition

Already taken Psych 101 with Michael Kostroff? Loved it? You’re in luck, because he’s back with a totally new workshop on auditioning just for you. Smaller TV roles can be the toughest to audition for. Actor and acting coach Michael Kostroff will work with actors one on one, sharing tips and tools to make these all-too-brief characterizations work.

Actors will bring in 1-5-line material from recent or upcoming auditions, or from television roles you feel you could have played.

Sunday, February 11
11-3 pm
$75 class– limited to 20 students/ $50 Audit price

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Comedy for the Unfunny

Can comedy be taught?

Yes . . . and no. While no one can teach comedic instinct or innate comic timing, I find that for good dramatic actors, there’s another way in. By playing for truth, stakes, objectives, obstacles, and characters’ points of view, comedy can be approached with many of the same tools as we use in drama, with hilarious results.

Welcome to my comedy laboratory. In these fun, easy-going workshops, we begin with an exploration of some frequently used comedic elements to look for in scenes. We’ll talk a bit about what makes things funny. Through scene work, we’ll improve our detective skills, hunting for clues that will help us navigate our way to smart comedic choices. We’ll also view TV and film scenes and analyze what’s going on comedically. We’ll even explore a few alternative techniques for finding the funny.

Saturday, February 10
12-7 pm, with an hour lunch break
$120 class– limited to 12 students/ $80 Audit price

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“Michael’s class never felt like a class; It felt like a conversation with a friend. And his advice works!” —Tonya Beckman Ross, D.C.


“I felt like it was just the beginning of a new way of working. I’ve heard some of the concepts before, but it was the way you packaged them, with your funny stories and down-to-earth ideas…all in a way I was ready to hear and understand and actually USE. You surprised me with the gift of a new perspective. I feel like I’ve released years of wasteful thoughts that have been getting in the way of me focusing on my actual WORK.” —Stacy Stoltz, Chicago


“Since your workshop, I’ve made a 180 in attitude going into auditions. I’m way more confident and prepared, and it’s paid off…the wisdom you shared will stay with me for the rest of my career.” —Alonzo Alcaraz, Chicago


“If you’re serious about comedy, you must take Michael Kostroff’s Comedy for the Unfunny. Through scene work, theory, and analysis, Michael provides a simple, lucid experience of comedy. This workshop will certainly make you a better performer. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun too.” 

—Jeffrey Delano Davis, New York