Through A Casting Director’s Eyes

Stand Out in an Ocean of Thumbnails

On a typical project, a casting director will be scrolling thru a page that contains 100 thumbnail headshots, and most roles will fill 10 pages. Most projects have anywhere from 10 – 60 speaking roles, some more. That’s a heck of a lot of headshots. Then when we narrow down the headshots, we have to watch that many demo reels.

This special new workshop, told from the perspective of a casting director who’s spent 23 years helping actors get paying gigs in every medium at all levels, is geared toward intermediate-advanced actors  to answer the proverbial “What do we look for?” We’ll go through all your materials with a fine tooth comb


Topics Covered:

  • Charisma Coaching, or who are you on screen
  • Rebranding, reflecting who you are now
  • Online Footprint (Actor’s Access, social media, IMDB, videos)
  • The Truth About Demo Reels (and how you can make your current one better within 30 minutes)


Cost:  $75.00

Date: Saturday, June 3, 2017

Time:  2-6pm approx (length dependent on how many participants)

Location:  The Robert Mello Studio

 To register: Email