The Meisner Program

byy1kpgiqaavxfaThe Meisner Program at The Robert Mello Studio is a rigorous and demanding series of classes for the professional-minded actor – whether beginner or advanced – based on the technique of  legendary acting teacher, Sanford Meisner.

In the style and spirit of the professional-level classes that top actors in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago are regularly training in, The Meisner Program will challenge you like no other classes in Atlanta. You’ll strip away layers and reveal the deeper actor – the one that makes strong, organic and imaginative choices.  With dedication and hard work, you will leave the program with a set of tools and skills that you can use for your entire career.

It’s tough. It’s scary. It works.

No other acting studio in Atlanta can boast a list of past and current students with guest star, co-star and recurring credits like The Robert Mello Studio can.


Auditing is not allowed for any of the Meisner Program classes. Instead, a free sample class is usually held before the start of each new intensive. The sample class is an opportunity to learn more about the technique, Robert Mello’s teaching style and whether or not instructor and student are a good fit. In order to attend a sample class, you must first complete an application, and the application must be accepted.


There are three steps you must complete in order to be considered for admission to The Meisner Program at The Robert Mello Studio.

1. Complete an application. Click here to be taken to the application page.  NOTE: Please do not apply unless the next class has been scheduled. 

2. In person interviews are requested.  Once your application has been accepted, you will be given the date for your interview. Please reply to this e-mail to confirm your attendance.

3. You might also be invited to attend a mandatory Sample Class following your interview. The sample class is designed to discern if this training is for you. Sample class dates will be included in the confirmation e-mail once your application has been accepted.

applications for the INTENSIVE

We are NOT currently accepting applications. The next intensive that we are offering is a 20 week daytime intensive, and it will begin in late September of 2017.

We will not be accepting daytime applications again until August. PLEASE NOTE: the daytime intensives are now 20 weeks (five months) long. Should you wish to be placed on a waiting list for the next daytime intensive, email Studio Administrator Eliana Marianes at We will send you an email reminder when the applications for the next intensive becomes available.

Basic information about THE INTENSIVEs

The intensives meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-2 pm. The classes run for 5 months, or 20 weeks, and cost $330 per month (see bottom of page for payment options). The intensives are a serious commitment, so please do not apply if you are not prepared to commit your time and energy to being in class regularly, and be prepared to work hard.

The Four Levels


In this eight session, four week unit, you’ll get out of your head, learn how to make strong, exciting choices and begin to develop an unshakeable foundation and confidence in your acting as you dramatically expand your emotional range and learn how to listen and respond truthfully in the moment. Sanford Meisner defined acting as “The ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances” and this first class will breakdown the walls that keep us from bringing the single most important element to any performance: ourselves.
No outside work is required for this class.


In this eight session, four week unit, you will begin to explore emotional preparation for a scene or audition through a series of advanced exercises, as you continue to strengthen the skill set you gained in the Meisner 1 class.


Applying the technique to the script. You will be paired with a partner and assigned challenging and compelling scenes. Actors have the opportunity to work on one or two scenes, depending on progress. This is an 8 session unit.


Applying the technique to the script. You will be assigned compelling scenes from TV and Film as you bridge the technique into on-camera work.

Upon completion of the Intensive, you will continue to work and build your skills through our ongoing Meisner Maintenance and Scene Study Class.

Please note: We do not at this time offer individual 8 week sessions for each of the units. Units 1-3B are currently only offered in the Intensive format, which requires a commitment of attending class twice per week for 16 weeks. 


You have several  options to pay for the intensive:

1. You may pay in full using a credit card.

2. You may pay a $330 deposit (which will be applied towards your first month of study)and pay $330 a month for five months. We will invoice you through PayPal once you are accepted.

3. You may use the Bill Me Later option on PayPal. Bill Me Later offers a six month, no interest charge payment plan – on approved credit. You will be offered the Bill Me Later option when you select to pay the full amount on the payment page of this website. Note: The payment option will not be activated until you have been accepted into the program.


The ongoing scene study, on-camera and audition class for those who have completed Meisner 1, 2, and 3 and wish to continue working the technique.
PREREQUISITE: The Completion of Meisner One, Two and Three. No exceptions allowed.

Start Dates:

Daytime Class:
Wednesdays 11-2 pm Beginning March 15th

Cost: $330 

Instructor: Robert Mello

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Applications Dos, Don’ts, and FAQ


  • Make sure you attach both your headshot and resume. Without these two documents, your application cannot go forward.
  • Reply promptly to confirm receipt of any communication that requests a reply. Don’t reply to a generic “Your application is under review” e-mail, but please reply to any e-mails that specifically request one.
  • Allow 2-3 business days for a response. We have a high volume of applications, and are replying to everyone as promptly as possible.
  • Feel free to ask me any questions not answered by this web page. There are a lot of details here, so please read carefully!


  • Don’t apply for an intensive when applications are not open.
  • Don’t list background extra , stand-in work, or extra work of any kind on your resume.
  • Don’t send questions answered by the website. There’s a lot of information here, so please read carefully before e-mailing me a question.


  • I went to the application page, but I can’t apply. What’s up? We are not currently accepting applications for the next Intensives. If you wish to be placed on the interest list and notified when classes become available, please email Studio Administrator, Eliana Marianes, at In the meantime, be sure to check out our other great classes and workshops.
  • Did you receive my application? YesGive me at least two business days to reply to your application. We receive a high volume of applications, and they take time to review and sort.
  • What if I don’t have a professional headshot? That’s ok—have a friend take a photo of you in good lighting from the chest up and attach that to your application. Do not send a selfie, a picture with bad lighting, a picture with others in it, or a full body shot.
  • What if I don’t have a resume? If you do not have a resume, please create one with any acting experience, training, and special skills you have, even if the resume is short. Do not list extra or stand-in work. Make sure you include contact info and agency representation, if any. Here’s a good example of how to craft a professional acting resume:
  • I’ve been conditionally accepted. What does that mean? It means you will attend an interview with Rob to determine if the two of you feel you’re a good fit. From there, you might be asked to attend the sample class the following night to give you a feel for the course and the technique. If both parties agree from there that the intensive is right for you, then you will be asked to join. Do not make a payment until you have been fully accepted, and do not list the sample class on your resume.
  • Can I audit the current Meisner Intensive? Due to the sensitive nature of the work explored in the class, auditing is not permitted—the sample class is your chance to gain an understanding of the technique and how the class will work.
  • Is there a way to take just the Level One Meisner, rather than the whole Levels 1-3 Intensive? Not at this time.
  • I have previous Meisner experience—can I fast track to the Level 4 class? This is considered on a case-by-case basis. No two Meisner teachers are alike, so it might be necessary for you and Rob to get on the same page about the technique before progressing to Level 4. Send us an e-mail and we’ll talk.