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For the Meisner Program with Robert Mello click here.

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AUDITING: Auditing is up to the discretion of the instructor. Feel free to check with the individual instructors to see if an audit is permitted. Instructor email addresses can be found under each class description.

Acting is F*cking Fun! (ages 16 and up)

If you’ve ever watched a movie or seen a play and thought to yourself “that looks like fun… maybe I could do that,” then this class is for you!

In this six week class, you’ll get a well-rounded introduction to the wonderful craft AND business of acting. You’ll —

  • Explore fun acting exercises
  • Foster your imagination and sense of play
  • Receive a crash course in some of the nitty gritty of the acting business
  • Get an introductory taste of the famous Meisner Technique used by actors such as Oscar winners Allison Janney and Robert Duvall as well as Alec Baldwin, James Franco, Tina Fey and many, many more.

Start Date: January 17
Six week sessions– Thursdays, 7-10
Cost: $199 for six weeks
Instructor: Kate Brown
Email Kate at kateonstage@gmail.com  to sign up!

Advanced On Camera Workout

Continue to develop your technique through curated exercises, consistent practice with mock sides (or bring in your own auditions), and immediate feedback and adjustment. Enrollment by invitation only or submit headshot and resume to be considered if you have not been invited.  Prior Meisner based training strongly encouraged. Taught by Robert Mello and Kate Brown.

Start Date: January 23
Six week sessions– Wednesdays, 11am – 2pm
Cost: $225 for six weeks
Instructors: Robert Mello and Kate Brown
Email Kate at kateonstage@gmail.com  to enroll

THE WORKOUT: Intermediate/Advanced Meisner workout and scene study class.

Continue to build skill and energize your technique through core Meisner based exercises and assigned scenes.  Ongoing class with four week minimum commitment.  Pre-requisite requirements: completion of the Meisner intensive or by permission of the instructor.

Start Date: October 12 or 13th.
Six week sessions– Fridays 11- 2 pm, and Saturdays 10-1 pm
Cost: $200 for six weeks
Instructor: Kate Brown
Email Kate at kateonstage@gmail.com  to reserve your spot. Waitlist is available.


Complete Scene and Monologue Study: Voice, Body and Mind

Combine the freeing of the body and voice through the external approach of VIEWPOINTS with the internal work and techniques of master acting instructors Stella Adler, Daryl Hickman and more.

The combination  of the two allows and encourages the actor to fully develop character while exploring the internal needs expressed in text. Over the six weeks of the course you will be brought step by step to a clear understanding of the power and combination of these two techniques for your acting – whether it’s stage or film/tv. This new toolset will be immediately applicable to your work and your auditions.

Start Date: January 9, 2019
Six weeks– Wednesdays 7-10 pm
Cost: $225 (10% discount for SAG/ AFTRA or Equity members)
Instructors: Clayton Landey &  Eliana Marianes 
To be considered for the class, please email headshot and resume to Eliana at emarianes2@gmail.com

Advanced/ Level 3 Viewpoints: Movement for the Actor

Begins January 7: Please see our voice and body class page for more details.

Acting for the Camera and Stage

Grounded in Strasberg, Jayson guides the actor through the fundamentals of relaxation, concentration and effort via exercises, monologues, and scene study. This is only for those who are serious about acting as a full-time career. An ongoing studio environment – students may join at any time there are openings.


Jayson offers the only “ongoing style” acting class in Atlanta. Often called LA or NY style classes, this is how the pros study. He teaches acting, not tips and tricks, including Strasberg, Hagen, Adler, Stanislavski, etc. via scene study and exercises. This class is for the serious professional actor looking to make a career.

Mondays, 10-1 pm
Mondays, 3:30-6:30 pm
Tuesdays, 7:00-10:00 pm
Wednesdays, 10-1 pm
Wednesdays, 3:30-6:30 pm

$400 for 12 three hour weekly sessions. Paid in full at orientation prior to attendance of first class.
Interview required with Mr. Smith for admission. There is a waiting list, so please be patient. 
Class size is limited. No auditing. Contact Mr. Smith’s asst. at classinquiryjws@gmail.com to arrange an interview. Please note: inquiries are reviewed as they come in and interviews are scheduled when there are openings, so please be patient for a response. 

Instructor: Jayson Smith

 Coming Soon…

The Actor’s Voice and Body

Start date TBD: Please see our voice and body class page for more details.

NEW CLASS! Shakespeare: Beyond The Words

Shakespeare is universal because he writes about rich, complex relationships. Meisner teaches us that an ounce of truthful behavior is worth far more than a pound of words.

Working with Shakespeare’s text doesn’t have to necessarily be any different. We can be as bad ass with Shakespeare as we can with any of the post-Stanislavsky works.

In this four week workshop we will explore the intersection between the Meisner technique and Shakespeare’s words as we work from the personal, the moment to moment, relationship and internal life.

Prior Meisner training required. (Does not have to have been at RMS.)

Start Date: TBD
Four weeks– Sundays 2-5 pm
Cost: $125
Instructor: Jase Wingate
Email jase.wingate@gmail.com to reserve your spot for the next session!


Acting Basics

This fun, low-pressure 4 week class will continue to build on and develop the skills and tools you may have learned in Acting 101 and offer an opportunity to explore improv, give you an intro to the Meisner technique and begin to explore the basics of acting more thoroughly.

You will work on your feet more than in your seat!  Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move. Note: Acting 101 is NOT a prerequisite for this class. All experience levels are welcome.

Begins: TBD
Four weeks– Mondays 7-10 pm
Cost: $135
Instructor: Omer Mughal
Email omer.mughal1@gmail.com to reserve your spot for the next session!



A name that has struck fear into the hearts of millions of 9th graders and continues to terrorize us even today. When a friend invites you to see Macbeth, do your palms begin to sweat? Does the thought of seeing Two Gentlemen of Verona immediately send you out to refill your Adderall prescription stay awake?

Does Shakespeare just bore the fuck out of you?

The works of William Shakespeare are THE most produced plays in the world. They are constantly being revisited in movie form as well, from top directors like Baz Luhrmann and Joss Whedon.

Not only is Shakespeare enormously entertaining – it is also a great tool for your acting training and is one of the major reasons UK actors are often considered “better trained” than actors in the U.S.

In this six week course, we’ll discuss the world in which Shakespeare wrote, have fun dissecting performances on stage and screen, practice basic tools for tackling the text, and sample some more advanced methods for mastering Shakespeare’s language in a fun,  ensemble driven learning environment.

Begins: TBD
Six weeks– Fridays 11-2 pm
Cost: $125
Instructor:Jase Wingate. Email jase.wingate@gmail.com to enroll!

Improv for Actors

More and more, actors are asked to improvise in auditions and on shoot days. Actors need to add improvisation to their acting arsenal.

In this class especially designed for actors, you will learn to trust your instincts from script analysis to the rehearsal process, and throughout your performance. You’ll continue  to practice always staying in the moment and allowing yourself to just be. It’s also the most fun you’ll ever have in an acting class! You will leave the class with the skills to:

  • Make simple, direct, and clear choices
  • Deliver more confident auditions
  • Stay present, open, and in-the-moment. Create and maintain an instant connection with your scene partner


Start date: TBA
Six weeks– Wednesdays 7-10 pm
Cost: $225
Instructor: Ian Covell
To register for the class, go here.  For questions, email: ian@highwirecomedy.com