On Camera and More

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ALL Classes at The Robert Mello Studio are currently virtual classes via Zoom due to Covid19. 

New classes are announced via the email alerts and on our Facebook page. Be sure to sign-up for both on the homepage

AUDITING: Auditing is up to the discretion of the instructor. Feel free to check with the individual instructors to see if an audit is permitted. Instructor email addresses can be found under each class description.

Acting 101: On-Camera (En español)

Esta clase es para cualquier persona que haya soñado alguna vez en estar en la pantalla grande o pequeña y quiera una forma de baja presión para sumergirse en el mundo divertido y creativo de Actuación ante la cámara.

Explora los conceptos básicos del negocio, la actuación, las audiciones, como es estar en un set de filmación real y mucho más en esta clase orientada a la diversión y práctica para el actor nuevo. La clase se reúne una vez a la semana a través de Zoom, durando seis semanas. Sería mejor si tuviera una conexión confiable al Internet, una cámara web y un conocimiento básico de Zoom.

Los Jueves por Zoom
7 PM – 10 PM
August 20 – September 24
Seis semanas
Para inscribirse correo electrónico:stephesc158@gmail.com

Acting 101: On-Camera

TV/Film production continues to EXPLODE in Atlanta.  This class is for anyone who has ever dreamt of being on the big or little screen and wants a low-pressure way to dip their toes in the fun and creative world of on-camera acting.

Explore the basics of the business, acting, auditioning, what it’s like on a real set, and much more in this class geared for fun and the absolute beginner.  Class meets once a week via Zoom for six weeks. It would be best if you had a reliable internet connection, a web camera, and a basic knowledge of Zoom.

Wednesdays via Zoom
7 PM – 10 PM
July 22 – August 26
Six Weeks
Instructor: Onye Eme-Akwari
Email onyeemeakwari@gmail.com to enroll


Meisner-Based Scene Study

This Meisner-based scene study offers actors with a Meisner background to practice and refine their scene work – whether for the stage or TV/Film.

Rather than focus on physical staging, we will to zero in on and continue honing our skills of personalization, imagination, truly engaging our partner, objectives, stakes, and more as needed.

You need to have completed the intensive at RMS and/or have studied with Kate in order to enroll.

Others with significant Meisner training can submit a headshot and resume for consideration.

Saturdays via Zoom
11 AM – 2 PM
July 18th – August 15
Instructor: Kate Brown
Email kate.Brown.Repeat@gmail.com today to enroll.

Int/Adv Scene Study

This class is for a small number of serious actors in an intimate studio setting. It’s designed to help you thrive as a professional actor and artist.

You’ll choose or be assigned 2-person scenes with a partner, and work as many as seven out of the eight weeks. 

This class is process-oriented, not performance-oriented. Meaning it’s not merely rehearse, perform, receive feedback.  

Instead, you and your partner will bring in a memorized scene, that will challenge you to explore a variety of tools and skills crucial to finding your true self as an actor. With commitment, trust, and sometimes hard work, you will: 

  • Deepen your work. 
  • Strengthen your technique and preparation skills. 
  • Learn how to invite and trust inspiration and to take risks. 
  • Develop reliable tools for problem-solving on your own. 

Wednesdays, 7 pm – 10 pm.
New Dates TBA!
Instructor: Peter Frechette

Enrollment via headshot and resume submission only. Please send it to kimberlymaxwellactor@gmail.com for consideration. 

Advanced On Camera Workout

Continue to develop and master your acting, artistry, and on-camera technique. We’ll work script analysis, practice with specific tools to rapidly improve your auditions, explore making robust, active, and vibrant choices while staying present. You’ll continue to master keeping the work truthful and grounded and based in your strongest asset and what casting directors want to see: YOU.
Open to anyone who has completed the Intensive at RMS. All others must receive instructor permission through headshot and resume submission.


Wednesdays, 11am-2pm
Begins January 29th
Six Weeks

Instructor: Robert Mello
Email Nikki at ITSNIKKIGARZA@gmail.com for wait list.

Chekhov Technique – Ongoing – Winter 2020

In this class, students will explore the Michael Chekhov Technique and its vibrant, effective,  highly physical toolkit.  This class that teaches the fundamentals of how to act via the Michael Chekhov Technique and others. The class meets for eight weeks each season and is expected to be an ongoing class for the serious actor. The class is leveled to the learners so the students may be a mix of experience levels. More experienced actors will be challenged at a higher level than newer actors. To enroll in the course, you should have at least had a course in acting fundamentals, an” Acting 101,” if you will, as you’ll need to understand concepts like goals, obstacles, and tactics to proceed in the course effectively.

Each week, actors will work with a different tool from the Michael Chekhov toolkit, though certain tools may spread out over more classes as the needs of the students require. Each tool will be explored via in-class exercises, lecture, discussion, and scene work, and the 8-week session will culminate in a showcase of the in-class scenes and actor pairings.

Wednesdays, 7-930PM
January 22 – March 4 
Instructor: Kara Cantrell
Click Here To Enroll

Shakespeare for Non Majors

It’s the truth:

If you can do Shakespeare, you can do anything in acting.

It’s great training.

Not only is Shakespeare the most produced playwright in the world – his plays are continually produced as movies into by top directors like Baz Luhrmann and Joss Whedon.

Ever wonder why UK actors do so great? There are lots of reasons – but one of them is their extensive training in Shakespeare.

In this six week course, you will start to tackle the basics of Shakespeare in a fun, ensemble-driven learning environment.

Whether you are a serious actor looking to expand your skills, or have always been curious about Shakespeare – this class is an excellent place to start. In this six week course, we’ll discuss the world in which Shakespeare wrote, have fun dissecting performances on stage and screen, practice basic tools for tackling the text, and sample some more advanced methods for mastering Shakespeare’s language in a fun,  ensemble driven learning environment.

Begins: October 28
Six weeks
Mondays, 7-10pm.
Instructor:Jase Wingate. Email jase.wingate@gmail.com to enroll!


Shakespeare: beyond the words

Shakespeare is universal because he writes about rich, complex relationships. Meisner teaches us that an ounce of truthful behavior is worth far more than a pound of words.

Working with Shakespeare’s text doesn’t have to necessarily be any different. We can be as bad ass with Shakespeare as we can with any of the post-Stanislavsky works.

In this four week workshop we will explore the intersection between the Meisner technique and Shakespeare’s words as we work from the personal, the moment to moment, relationship and internal life.

Prior Meisner training required. (Does not have to have been at RMS.)
Start Date: TBA
7pm – 10pm
Six weeks
Cost: $199
Instructor: Jase Wingate
Email jase.wingate@gmail.com to reserve your spot for the next session!


This fun, low-pressure 6 week class will help you build a foundation and develop the skills and tools you need as a beginner or seasoned actor and offer an opportunity to hone a rehearsal process, explore improv, give you an intro to the Meisner technique and begin to explore the basics of acting more thoroughly.

You will work on your feet more than in your seat! Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that allow you to move. All experience levels are welcome.

Begins: September 9
Six weeks – Wednesdays 7-10 pm
Cost: $199
Instructor: Omer Mughal
Email omer.mughal1@gmail.com to reserve your spot for the next session!

Improv for Actors

More and more, actors are asked to improvise in auditions and on shoot days. Actors need to add improvisation to their acting arsenal.

In this class especially designed for actors, you will learn to trust your instincts from script analysis to the rehearsal process, and throughout your performance. You’ll continue  to practice always staying in the moment and allowing yourself to just be. It’s also the most fun you’ll ever have in an acting class! You will leave the class with the skills to:

  • Make simple, direct, and clear choices.
  • Deliver more confident auditions.
  • Stay present, open, and in-the-moment. Create and maintain an instant connection with your scene partner.
  • Work with text AND improvise.

Start date: TBD
Six weeks
Mondays, 7-10
Instructor: Ian Covell

Acting is F*cking Fun! (ages 16 and up)

If you’ve ever watched a movie or seen a play and thought to yourself “that looks like fun… maybe I could do that,” then this class is for you!

In this six week class, you’ll get a well-rounded introduction to the wonderful craft AND business of acting. You’ll —

  • Explore fun acting exercises
  • Foster your imagination and sense of play
  • Receive a crash course in some of the nitty gritty of the acting business
  • Get an introductory taste of the famous Meisner Technique used by actors such as Oscar winners Allison Janney and Robert Duvall as well as Alec Baldwin, James Franco, Tina Fey and many, many more.

Start Date: TBD
Six week sessions — Thursdays, 7-10pm
Cost: $199 for six weeks
Instructor: Kate Brown
Email Kate at kate.brown.repeat@gmail.com to sign up