Acting Classes in Atlanta at The Robert Mello Studio

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AUDITING: Auditing is up to the discretion of the instructor. At this time, Brad Brinkley’s Practical Aesthetics class is the only class in which an audit is permitted, but feel free to check with the individual instructors. Instructor email addresses can be found under each class description.


Complete Scene and Monologue Study: Voice, Body and Mind

Combine the freeing of the body and voice through the external approach of VIEWPOINTS with the internal work and techniques of master acting instructors Stella Adler, Daryl Hickman and more.

The combination  of the two allows and encourages the actor to fully develop character while exploring the internal needs expressed in text. Over the six weeks of the course you will be brought step by step to a clear understanding of the power and combination of these two techniques for your acting – whether it’s stage or film/tv. This new toolset will be immediately applicable to your work and your auditions.

Begins Thursday, January 24th
Six weeks– Thursdays 7-10 pm
Cost: $225 (10% discount for SAG/ AFTRA or Equity members)
Instructors: Clayton Landey &  Eliana Marianes 
To be considered for the class, please email headshot and resume to Eliana at


So, you want to be an actor?
In this four week course you will learn how to begin training and pursuing a career as an actor. Fun. No pressure. For adults 18+

-An overview of the business of acting: agents, headshots, marketing.
-Acting exercises to try out your skills and see yourself on camera.
-Steps you can take today to begin pursuing your career.

Start Date: January 22, 2018
Four weeks– Mondays 7-10 pm
Cost: $135
Instructor: Candace Mabry
Email Candace at to reserve your spot for the next session!

   Acting for the Camera and Stage

Grounded in Strasberg, Jayson guides the actor through the fundamentals of relaxation, concentration and effort via exercises, monologues, and scene study. This is only for those who are serious about acting as a full-time career. An ongoing studio environment – students may join at any time there are openings. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.

Mondays, 10-1 pm
Mondays, 3:30-6:30 pm
Tuesdays, 7:30-10:30 pm
Wednesdays, 10-1 pm
Wednesdays, 3:30-6:30 pm

$375 for 12 three hour weekly sessions. Paid in full at orientation prior to attendance of first class.
Interview required with Mr. Smith for admission. There is a waiting list, so please be patient. 
Class size is limited. No auditing. Contact Mr. Smith at to arrange interview. Please note: Mr. Smith reviews inquires as they come in, but schedules interviews altogether, so please be patient for a response. 

Instructor: Jayson Smith


YOGA FOR ACTORS (And Anyone Else)

Geared towards actors, but open to anyone, Kimberly will lead you through a rejuvenating morning yoga practice with an emphasis on getting centered, focused and present for the day’s work in class, auditions and bookings.

Ongoing: Tuesday/Thursday Mornings 9:15 to 10:30.

And Introducing… A new evening class through the end of 2017. Thursday nights from 7:30-8:45 pm, beginning November 30th.

$5 Suggested minimum donation. Bring your own mat. Open to all levels. Questions? Contact Kimberly at


 Coming Soon…

Prepping for the Tape– NEW COURSE!

The 2 biggest problems seen in taping auditions for actors is most don’t know how to rehearse and prepare, or how to make different choices when asked for multiple takes.

This class will focus on training your instrument: the voice and body, exploring different rehearsal processes, and helping you find your own process that works for you every time for film, tv, commercials, and industrials.  You will do improv, scene work, and on camera work to implement what you have learned.  You will leave this class with several tools that will immediately help you rehearse and prepare for the job.

  • Learn how to warm up your voice and body
  • Develop a rehearsal process that works for you
  • Learn how to explore scenes beyond whats on the page
  • Improve your confidence when you walk in the room
  • Improve focus, relaxation, and imagination

You will work on your feet more than in your seat!  Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move. Class is open to all levels, but some acting experience is recommended.

Begins: TBD
Four weeks– Wednesdays 7-10 pm
Cost: $150
Instructors:Omer Mughal. Email to enroll!


Viewpoints is a performance technique that helps us get out of our heads and into our bodies. Through this class, you’ll learn how to connect with others onstage, how to follow your physical impulses, and how to feel comfortable in your own skin while performing. Think of it as “Meisner for the body!” This class is an excellent way to prepare for the Meisner Intensive or for the Get the F*ck Out of Your Head Scene and Monologue Study.

Actors will learn:12525648_10101207134145317_8456291625499742288_o

  • How to use our unique body types and individual talents to stand out
  • How to become physically alive on set or onstage without fear of being “too big” or “stealing focus”
  • How to build a character with an engaging physical life from a character breakdown
  • How to communicate meaning and story with just our bodies (vital for those day player roles or ensemble work!)

physical theater viola spolin quoteNEXT Up: BEGINNER VIEWPOINTS/ Level 1

This class is a beginner level class for actors of all mediums and experience levels. In addition to an introduction to the 9 Viewpoints, we will focus primarily on applying the Viewpoints to on-camera, live theater, and improv work. Students will learn to apply the physical and vocal Viewpoints to characters, short scenes, and improv. Actors will use their bodies to tell the story, build strong characters, and create relationship.

Note: No prior Viewpoints or movement experience is required to take this class.

Begins: TBD 2018
Six weeks– Mondays 7-10 pm
Cost: $175
Instructors: Eliana Marianes 
To register for the class, please email Eliana at

Intermediate Viewpoints/ Level 2

The class will dive deeper into our exploration of the physical and vocal viewpoints and building a stronger ensemble, and will touch on some new concepts like manipulating objects/architecture (useful for framing a shot or settling in on set), combining gestures and text with Meisner-like repetition exercises, the ancient Japanese structure of Jo-Ha-Kyu (beginning/middle/end), working with text to create new work, and exercises in using your unique self to strengthen your character choices. Note: prior Viewpoints experience is required for this class
Start Date: TBD in 2018
Six weeks– Mondays 7-10 pm
Cost: $175
Instructor: Eliana Marianes
To enroll, email Eliana at


“There are a limited number of things in this business that you can control. As an actor, your body is your instrument. Challenge it and further your training—vocally and physically.”

Susan G. Reid, Casting Director

You will lose the opportunity to audition and book if you can only speak in your regional dialect. It is common to see a breakdown with “NO SOUTHERN ACCENTS.” In this class you will not discard your natural, regional dialect, but ADD some: the General American dialect, BBC English, Estuary, and your choice of Cockney, Irish or Tangier (the closest living relative of Elizabethan English).

In this six week course, actors will:

  • Learn a series of exercises to practice at home and in class to help reduce your regional dialect.
  • Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet and other tools so you can break down smile dialect on your own.
  • Master of the building blocks of the General American dialect, BBC and Estuary English, and a fourth dialect of choice
  • Apply the work directly to a monologue and/or scene.

Start date: TBD
Six weeks– Thursdays 7-10 pm
Cost: $250 (10% SAG/AFTRA discount available)
Instructor: Brad Brinkley
Email to express interest in the next round of voice classes!

“Train the whole actor. Do not limit yourself to one class or a single acting technique. Expose yourself to as many different coaches and methods as possible. A vocal and physical acting technique class can be a game changer for you. Acting for the camera is deceptive.  Many actors don’t realize the vocal and physical demands of the craft of acting. There are a limited number of things in this business that you can control. As an actor, your body is your instrument. Challenge it and further your training—vocally and physically.” – Susan G. Reid, Casting Director


“The need for further development of voice, diction and breathing technique is desperate, not only to compete with the influx of film artists arriving from other markets, but to land roles in today’s Southeast film and television industry.” Erica Arvold

Vocal training is an imperative for any actor – whether they are concentrating on TV/Film or stage. Great acting is an integration of body, voice and heart and the speaking voice is one of the strongest expressions of the inner life that casting directors want to see. Improper use of the voice can block feeling, expression and the truth of the moment and keep you from reaching your fullest potential as an actor.

Centering on the techniques developed by master voice teacher Kristen Linklater, this 6-week course helps actors and public speakers:

-Identify and release habitual tension.
-Develop a high degree of mind-body-voice-emotion integration.
-Develop more natural spinal alignment and breathing
-Enrich tone and clarity
-Strengthen breathing and vocal musculature
-Improve articulation

You were made to be heard. Vocal Production for Actors will unleash the beauty and power of one of the most overlooked tools in an actor’s arsenal – the voice.

Start Date: TBD
6 Weeks– Mondays 7–10 PM
Cost: $250 (10% SAG/AFTRA discount available)
Instructor: Brad Brinkley
Email to enroll!

“With the rapid growth of the Southeast market in the film and television industry, I am thrilled when I witness regional actors prioritizing serious study of craft into their practice. The need for further development of voice, diction and breathing technique is desperate, not only to compete with the influx of film artists arriving from other markets, but to land roles in today’s Southeast film and television industry. And, most importantly, by dedicating oneself to consistently learning and discovering more within one’s craft, each actor contributes to raising the bar of the filmmaking community as a whole..we all benefit from each other’s commitment and professionalism!”  –Erica Arvold, Casting Director (House of Cards, Turn, Lincoln (Steven Spielberg), Commercials and More)

 Practical Aesthetics

Created by David Mamet and William H. Macy, Practical Aesthetics is a no-nonsense, simple technique for analyzing scenes, emotional preparation, and developing fun, interesting, playable actions. In fact, the book for this course, A Practical Handbook for the Actor, is often referred to as “the book that Meisner forgot to write.” During the six-week class, students will:

  • Learn new methods of emotional preparation
  • Learn a fast, simple way to anaylze scenes
  • Develop stimulating, fun-to-play physical actions
  • Improve their ability to fully engage moment-to-moment
  • Improve their ability to improvise within given circumstances
  • Work on two contemporary scenes from established playwrights

Practical Aesthetics will give both novices and seasoned actors new tools and a clear, compelling technique for approaching scenes that works every time, and it is a perfect add-on for students of the Meisner technique.

Start Date: TBD
6 Weeks– Mondays 7-10 pm
Cost: $250 (10% SAG/AFTRA discount available)
Instructor: Brad Brinkley
Email to enroll!

SHAKESPEAREan Scene study– new class!

Hundreds of successful actors – including Kevin Spacey, Sir Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchet, Ann Hathaway, Denzel Washington, Al Pacino, Christian Bale and many more – have tackled Shakespeare, either as an extensive part of their training or in their careers. Shakespeare is a great skill builder and a challenge for both the stage and TV/Film actor.

In this class, actors will:
– Learn to approach Shakespeare’s language with confidence.
– Portray his characters as real people with strong human needs.
– Tackle at least one scene and one monologue, learning to embrace the poetry, find the actions, and “speak the speech” with truth and passion.

Start Date: TBD
Four Weeks
Cost: $135
Instructor: Carolyn Cook
To enroll, email Carolyn at